How Our Life Skills Program Can Help You

The road to a long and healthy recovery works by healing on many levels. Once the drugs or alcohol are out of the system, doesn’t mean that person is guaranteed to stay sober forever. Instead, sobriety and a healthy life are a culmination of therapy, positive influences, and life skills. This is where our life-skills […]

What to Expect During Meth Detox

Meth use has been reported to be on the rise around the United States over the last few years, ranging in use by teenagers to midlife adults. What was once thought of as only a drug that barely anyone used, has become one of the more widely abused drugs, and it is extremely addictive and […]

Common Prescription Drugs Abused

When most people think of substance abuse they think of alcohol, heroin, or cocaine. The irony is that drugs issuing from trusted medical professionals are some of the most commonly abused substances in the country. You don’t need to look down skid row to find drug abuse, just look in thousands of medicine cabinets across […]

What is Delirium Tremens?

There’s no cute way to put this – delirium tremens is one of the most frightening and dangerous effects of alcohol withdrawal. Commonly referred to as DTS, delirium tremens is a state of psychosis seen in chronic alcoholics upon cessation of alcohol use. If you’ve heard stories about alcoholics trying to fight imaginary spiders off […]

6 Ways to Deal with Drug Cravings in Sobriety

If there was a magic pill that could help you not crave drugs or alcohol, everyone in sobriety would take it. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill, but drug cravings are very real. Everyone who is in recovery will feel cravings occasionally and that’s perfectly fine. It’s what you do about those cravings that are […]

Types of Benzodiazepines and Their Effects When Abused

There are an uncountable number of different pharmaceuticals available, but only a few that are likely to be abused. All the attention may be on opioid use, but addiction to benzodiazepines is a big issue in our pill-popping country too. Let’s learn about benzodiazepines including what they are, what they do, how addiction happens, and […]

What Happens When You Withdrawal from Heroin?

Have you ever heard the term ‘dopesick’ or have you ever been dopesick yourself? Dopesick refers to a heroin or opioid user who is experiencing withdrawal from the drug. Withdrawing is an ugly thing but it’s only one of the dangers that come with heroin use. While many people know that you can get sick […]

5 Reasons To Consider Going to a Sober Living Home After Treatment

Getting sober means changing pretty much everything, if you want it to work, at least. The problem with this is that it can sometimes be pretty intimidating to leave behind what you know, for something you don’t. However, if there is one thing we can learn through getting sober in a quality substance abuse program, […]

What is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Not all addictions are the same, and if there has been one that has proven itself to be more aggressive and lead to relapse, opioid and alcohol addiction rank at the top of the list. Luckily, Harmony Ridge provides individuals with the proven method of Medication-Assisted Treatment to help curb the intensity and frequency of […]

7 Ways our Residential Treatment Program Can Help Your Recovery

There are a lot of places that one could go to get sober, so why not pick a location that will feed the soul in a supportive and lush, natural environment? Better yet, why not go for a facility that provides around the clock care, with opportunities to participate in both intensive psychiatric growth as […]