Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Young Adults

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The number of young adults using and abusing drugs and alcohol is on the rise. Yet, the number that have sought treatment at a rehab center for young adults has not gone up. Most will hide their issue for fear of punishment or judgment and opt to self-treat instead. This is, of course, a problem since addiction treatment is by far the best and most effective way to address substance abuse. Harmony Ridge Recovery Center has the solution – we offer treatment programs specifically designed for those between the ages of 16 and 30.

A group of young people at a rehab center for young adults.
Our rehab center for young adults is the place to go when you’re ready to turn your life around.

So if you are a young person who struggles with substance abuse, contact us today. We will help you regain control of your life in time to start building a better future!

Addiction among young adults: the what, why, and how


Experimentation with drugs and alcohol is becoming more and more common by the day among young adults. Almost 50% of young adults try an illegal substance at least once by the time they reach their senior year of high school. This is a problem given that 9 in 10 addictions start in adolescence. In fact, research shows that the earlier you start experimenting with substances, the more likely you are to later develop the corresponding addiction and require drug rehab for young adults. Early intervention is, therefore, vital to preventing future substance abuse.

Commonly abused substances among young adults

There is no upper or lower age limit on any type of drug addiction treatment in WV. You can become addicted to any substance at any age. However, there are certain demographic trends to be observed. In part due to their effects and common use and in part due to ease of access, certain substances are more popular among the youth than others.

Person smoking at a party.
Young people often experiment with drugs in company.

The substances whose abuse we most commonly see in our rehab center for young adults are:

  • alcohol
  • prescription drugs (such as anti-anxiety medication, sleep aids, or stimulants prescribed for ADHD)
  • marijuana
  • stimulants (both prescription stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin and illegal stimulants like cocaine)
  • hallucinogens (like psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, and MDMA)


Experimentation with drugs and alcohol among young adults


Adolescence and early adulthood are vulnerable times in anyone’s life. At this point, you are easily influenced and pressured into risky behaviors like drinking and trying drugs. Because your brain is still developing and your hormones are running high, you are more impulsive and less capable of understanding the consequences of your actions. This can lead you to make rash decisions without fully grasping the implications of them.

Furthermore, this is the age when many people first experience mental health issues. This can lead to self-medication through substance abuse. However, substance abuse tends to exacerbate the problem instead. The best way to really deal with a combined diagnosis of mental illness and addiction is through dual diagnosis treatment WV. Unfortunately, very few young adults seek help in the early stages of addiction, which means their mental health continues to decline and is much worse by the time they start rehab.

College students on campus.
Young people are often under a lot of pressure at school and work.

This is not helped by the fact that drugs and alcohol can affect young adults significantly more than they can older adults because young bodies and brains are still developing. Addiction will also have more serious and long-lasting consequences for those who start abusing substances young precisely because their brain will develop under the influence of drugs. This can lead to life-long struggles with mental health, even for those who do seek help in drug rehab for young adults.

Reasons for experimenting with drugs and alcohol in early adulthood

October is youth substance use prevention month, during which various organizations operating in the field of addiction and youth services raise awareness regarding addiction among young adults. Their goal is to address the main issues that drive admissions into a rehab center for young adults:

  • Stress relief: Between school and work, young adults tend to feel frequent anxiety and stress. When things get bad enough, they might self-medicate by turning to drugs and alcohol for relief.
  • Experimentation: When you are young and impressionable, you’re more likely to be influenced by the actions of others. That includes experimentation with drugs and alcohol. Many young adults feel invincible as well and think nothing bad can happen to them. This combination results in the use of illegal substances.
  • Performance enhancement: Many young adults have an obsession with wanting to be the best at what they do. This can be academically, athletically, or even professionally. Certain drugs can allow that to happen. So many young adults will turn to such performance enhancing substances.
  • Chasing euphoria: Many drugs provide a euphoric feeling that most young people will never have experienced before. But after a while, as your body grows dependent on the substance and the feeling, you will need to take more and more to achieve the euphoria that you have set out to get. This leads to addiction.


Treatment at a rehab center for young adults is your ticket to a better future


As many young people find out the hard way, developing an addiction is easy; treating it is much harder. Luckily, there are many different rehab options to choose from. In most cases, the type of drug and length of use will play a significant role in determining the best kind of treatment. Sometimes, that treatment may be a long-term plan that takes months to complete. But it is nonetheless important to persevere on your journey to sobriety. You have your whole life ahead of you – don’t you want to live it in the best way possible, without addiction dragging you down?

The benefits of specialized addiction treatment for young adults

Going into rehab tailored to the needs of young adults has many advantages. Specialized addiction therapy for young adults will address the physical, emotional, and behavioral issues that you are facing better than other types of treatment. Young adults like you think and act differently from adults. They tend to be treated differently from adults in society too. So why shouldn’t they be treated differently when it comes to addiction treatment? In our drug rehab for young adults, you will:

  • receive specialized counseling
  • be able to connect with sober peers
  • attend different types of therapy
  • develop your social skills
  • prepare for a sober future


The Harmony Ridge rehab center for young adults offers a variety of drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs


Every young person who suffers from substance use disorder will have a unique experience. It is, therefore, important that treatment for addiction among young adults also be varied. That way, every young person who goes into rehab can get the help that they need. Harmony Ridge Recovery Center has a multitude of rehab programs that you can choose from. Most young adults opt for an inpatient program, but other options are available.

Young man playing guitar at a rehab center for young adults.
Recovery is possible for young people through proper addiction treatment.

30-, 60-, and 90-day programs

The most common types of inpatient rehab WV at our rehab center for young adults are 30-, 60-, and 90-day programs. Depending on the severity of the addiction and the evaluation that you undergo upon entering treatment, our experts will recommend that you enter treatment for either 30, 60, or 90 days. The more serious the addiction, the longer the treatment. While in the program, you will stay at our facility and participate in a variety of therapies, including individual and group therapy. The biggest benefit of this type of treatment is that you will be away from your usual environment and the pressure it puts on you that may be driving you to abuse substances.

Sober living homes

After the completion of 30-, 60-, or 90-day inpatient drug rehab for young adults, many participants will transition into sober living WV as a part of their aftercare treatment. Sober living homes are a great way to slowly re-enter society while still staying in a safe place to maintain sobriety. Also known as halfway houses, they help you gradually get back to your regular routine at whatever pace suits you.

While they don’t include treatment per se, they provide support since you are living in a controlled environment with other people who are in the same situation as you and have gone through the same things. Although the rules are not as strict as in inpatient facilities, our sober living home does have requirements like curfews and mandatory group meetings. This also helps keep your recovery on track.

Support groups

Even after you have finished treatment and your time in the sober living home, continuing to have a support system is crucial in your life-long journey of addiction recovery. Finding support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or other addiction programs is a great way to get the support you need in a safe and welcoming environment. This is one of the main options for addiction aftercare that you will discuss with your case manager toward the end of your stay at our rehab center for young adults.

When you attend a support group meeting, you are going to a place where everyone is present for the same reason. They are all there because they suffer from addiction and are looking to talk about their problems with others who can relate. Some groups are geared toward specific genders and addictions, such as young adults, while others may provide general meetings for anyone to attend. Either way, they are a safe space to discuss addiction related issues and get help from your peers.


Our rehab center for young adults will provide you with the support that you need to get sober


If you are young and struggling with addiction, know that it is never too early or too late to seek help. At Harmony Ridge Recovery Center, we provide high-quality, evidence-based treatment to everyone regardless of what stage of life they’re in. With our help, your addiction can become a thing of the past, and you can grow into a sober, healthy, and happy adult.

Three young people hanging out.
Find support among peers at a treatment program for young adults.

The addictions we treat

While the abuse of certain substances is more common among the young population, any and all addictions are possible at any age. For this reason, we offer drug rehab for young adults for a variety of substances. At our facility, you will find:

So regardless of which substance you are addicted to, you can get the right care at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center. We will help you leave any addiction behind.

The treatments we offer

Harmony Ridge offers both medical and therapeutic services. Our treatment covers every step of the recovery process. You will start your journey with detox; at this stage, you will stop taking the substance you are addicted to and go through withdrawal. Because the symptoms of withdrawal are uncomfortable and potentially dangerous, you will be under supervision from medical professionals for this part of rehab. If needed, they will recommend medication assisted treatment which mitigates the worst symptoms of detox.

Once you’ve detoxed from the substance you’re addicted to, you still need to deal with the mental and emotional aspects of your addiction. This is done in therapy. At our facility, you will undergo different types of therapy to maximize the effectiveness of treatment. This includes:

Other addiction programs to consider

We highly recommend our rehab center for young adults to anyone under 30 who is seeking help for addiction. However, we do offer rehab for other demographics as well. You may want to consider these specialized treatments if you feel like your age has less to do with your addiction than other factors. Some of the programs you may be interested in include:

  • rehab for professionals: Are you a young person in the corporate world struggling to deal with the stress of your job? Then rehab for professionals may be a good fit for you.
  • rehab for pregnant women: Young pregnant women with addiction face different issues from most young people with addiction. Rehab that addresses these issues may, therefore, be a better option.
  • rehab for veterans: If you’ve served in the military, you’ll be more likely to find your peers in rehab for military personnel. Here, you can discuss your unique experiences shaped by war.


You'll find a safe place for effective treatment at the Harmony Ridge Recovery Center


One of the reasons why many young people avoid rehab is the fear of being judged. In early adulthood, this seems like a very important issue. We want to be seen as cool and interesting, and full of potential. When we admit that we need help, we fear that image may disappear; we may even fear punishment from our parents, friends, school, or workplace. But that is not what you will find at Harmony Ridge.

Four young people hugging.
You’ll find a welcoming and supportive community at Harmony Ridge.

During your stay with us, you will be treated with care and respect. Our staff are full of understanding and compassion; they are here to help you, not judge you. No matter your age, your condition, or your past, we are here to create a safe space for your recovery.


Regain control over your life before it's too late - contact us to start treatment at a rehab center for young adults today!


Harmony Ridge Recovery Center is here to provide personalized addiction treatment to people of all ages. Our rehab center for young adults is open 24/7, 365 days a year. So contact us whenever you are ready to turn your life around. Remember: the sooner you seek help, the sooner you can start your journey toward a better future. We’ll be by your side every step of the way.




1. How often do young adults abuse substances?

While young adults are not as likely to seek help as other demographics, they are very likely to experiment with substances. In addition to underage drinking, which is very common, up to 50% of young adults try illegal drugs while in high school. Not all of them will go on to develop an addiction to those drugs, but 90% of all addictions do start in their teenage years, so the risk is high.

2. What are the most common substances abused by young adults?

Since experimentation is one of the main motives for substance use among young adults, no drug is off-limits. However, due in part to accessibility and in part to the desired effects (relaxation, performance, or fun), the most commonly abused substances are alcohol, marijuana, stimulants, prescription medications, and hallucinogens.

3. What are the dangers of substance abuse in young adults?

Substances affect a young developing brain differently than one that is already fully developed. Many young adults already struggle with impulse control; drug abuse can permanently worsen this. Furthermore, changes in brain chemistry due to drug abuse can lead to long-term mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

4. What kind of treatment do young adults receive in rehab?

Young adults can detox and attend therapy in a rehab center. During this time, they will explore the reasons behind their addiction, find better coping mechanisms for their issues, and plan for the future in the context of recovery. Specialized treatment for young adults addresses issues the demographic faces, like peer pressure, fear of missing out, and a lack of a sense of direction in life.

5. How does rehab for young adults help?

Rehab for young adults won’t just help you leave addiction behind; it is a way to receive diagnosis and treatment for mental health issues, meet peers and make friends, build a support system, and even improve the relationship with your family. Ultimately, the goal of rehab is to prepare you for a better and healthier future free of substance abuse. This can completely turn your life around and set you on a path to success.


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