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Substance Abuse Impacts Local Communities: Wood County, WV

When it comes to substance abuse and addiction, there is no community or neighborhood spared. In 2016, the number of overdose-related deaths in West Virginia multiplied 5 times the amount than that of 2001. The numbers went from 174 deaths to 820 and only continues to climb. In less than 20 years, between 2001 and 2016, drug overdoses directly resulting in death showed a 369% increase in the area.

Because of its location and close proximity to either Pennsylvania or Ohio State, Wood County is in an ideal location. Being the primary home to 86,016 residents, Wood County, WV, is no stranger to the impact of substance abuse. As addiction has spread throughout the state and those surrounding it.

As of 2020, West Virginia is home to about 1.8 million people, making it one of the highest in the country. With such a high population, it is unfortunate that West Virginia holds an average of illegal substance-related deaths. Over 57 people lost to the illness of addiction out of every hundred thousand residents. This number reflects three times higher than the national overdose-related death toll, which is at 21.7 out of every 100,000 citizens.

Wood County, WV Addiction Crisis: A Closer Look


To better put the addiction crisis in perspective, aside from the national average being significantly lower, the surrounding state of Ohio, presented with a drug overdose rate 25% less than in West Virginia.

Pennsylvania as well, regardless of ranking third among the nation in terms of substance addiction and overdose, was still lower totaling only 43.3 out of every hundred thousand.

As the impact of illegal drugs continues to damage Wood County, schools have taken it upon themselves to intervene. Many schools institute a drug testing policy for their athlete’s grades 9-12. This method of early intervention is a plan to target the youth of the community. This helps to discourage the substance abuse trend sweeping through the area. By testing students taking part in extracurricular or sporting activities, they are taking measures to curb substance abuse as their teens and young adults prepare themselves for the world beyond high school.

Unfortunately, substance abuse affects many people of all different ages and backgrounds. It impacts families all over the world, and has a major impact on a local level, especially in the Wood County, WV community.

Substances Impacting The Wood County, WV Community


In order to combat the crisis of substance abuse, it is important to face this crisis head-on. This means it is important to be educated on what substance abuse and addiction look like. Also, how to identify whether you or someone close to you is suffering from the illness. It is also important to recognize which types of substances are most likely to be abused in your area.

Alcohol abuse, which is responsible for 67% of driving-related fatalities in the Wood County area as of 2019, opioid abuse is also on the rise.

Medical providers reported that out of every 100 people that requested care from their physicians in West Virginia, 81.3 of those people were written a prescription for some form of an opiate. The average number of painkiller prescriptions written throughout the country are only about 50 out of every 100 patients.

Because of the influx of prescription painkillers legally authorized by doctors to treat pain and illness, there is an abundance of supply that could be abused or fall into the wrong hands. Additionally, pain medication and other opioid use open the door to addiction, leading to a higher risk of substituting other drugs, such as fentanyl and heroin in their place.

In West Virginia in 2017, there were a reported 618 deadly overdoses involving fentanyl, and 244 deaths from heroin. In that same year, 307 deaths were a direct result of prescription opioid painkillers.

Other Substances Impacting The Wood County Community And The Lives Of The West Virginia Residents Are:

This is a real problem, not only throughout Wood County but in the entire state of West Virginia. As the community and rehabilitation treatment centers lean in to provide the right kind of care for the local residents, several different options are available to addicts that have made the decision to overcome their addictions.

Making The Decision To Get Rehab Treatment: Wood County West Virginia


Once a person has recognized their dependence or abuse of substances and has identified their behaviors as an addict. They can take the next step. It is now that we must decide what type of treatment is best and why.

As with any type of medical care, addiction treatment must be structured in a way that will benefit the individual, and what works for some might not work for others. Take some time to consider what will benefit you or the person that you love.

Take Into Consideration The Following To Get The Most Out Of Addiction Therapy And Treatment:

  • Is there a positive and healthy support system?
  • Is their home environment beneficial to their journey to living a sober lifestyle?
  • Are there other responsibilities that must be attended to while receiving rehab care?
  • Do others depend on them to remain healthy and sober in order to thrive?
  • Are there children or others that are in their primary care?
  • Does their household or wellbeing of their family depend on them to remain physically present while they receive treatment for addiction?
  • Does a peer or social circle have a serious impact on how they lead the ready lives?
  • Have they attended treatment in the past?
  • Do they have any underlying co-occurring or co-morbid disorders that may affect treatment options?

Taking into consideration the environment, family life, or peers that are around them, will help make the decision as to whether they would benefit from different treatment such as inpatient or outpatient types of care.

Another Factor To Consider When Choosing Rehab Care Options In Wood County, WV


The next important factor to consider is whether or not this is an ongoing battle with addiction or something that they are facing for the first time.

While many substances can be deadly upon first use, an addiction typically takes time to develop. Because addiction is a disease that presents itself in many ways, some addicts may have a long journey ahead of them or need more focused treatment in different areas.

Consider things like:

  • The duration of substance abuse, or how long this has been an issue.
  • What types of substances are being used?
  • Whether more than one substance has an impact on addiction.
  • Does addiction run in the family?
  • Whether or not there are underlying mental health issues.
  • Did their addiction stem from legally prescribed medication or illegally obtained substances?
  • Is there a known history of alcohol abuse?
  • Could addiction stem from choosing to self medicate while in pain?
  • In the event of an underlying mental or behavioral disorder, is this impacting substance abuse and addiction?

It might seem like these questions should have an obvious answer. However, most addicts do not take the time to consider how addiction has impacted us in our daily lives. Whether or not we are predisposed to addiction will have a big impact on the type of treatment best to consider when discussing options for rehab with Wood County WV.

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Dual Diagnosis And Rehab Treatment In Wood County, West Virginia


Many times, when there is an addiction present to any type of dangerous substance, another mental or behavioral illness lies beneath and has gone undiagnosed. Whether it is depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, or otherwise, it is important to address these illnesses before or during addiction treatment.

Dual diagnosis is when there are one or more mental health disorders affecting a person at the same time. Addiction is a disease and must be treated as one, along with any other disease that lies dormant or even influences the desire to use medication or other harmful substances.

People suffering from anxiety and depression are more likely to use alcohol or opioids in order to curb the pressures of their daily lives. Unfortunately, even with the best addiction rehab treatment, an addict will be more likely to relapse, falling back into dangerous and life-threatening behaviors if left untreated.

Ignoring Your Mental Health Can Have Consequences


Substance abuse and addiction will undoubtedly find a way into everyday family and community life. In fact, 26.1% of adults in Wood County, WV, describe their overall mental health and well being to be below average or even poor. This makes it extremely important to discuss mental health treatment for the addict, as well as all of those involved.

In Wood County, West Virginia, two out of every five adults suffer from both addiction and psychological disorders. This only further adds fuel to the fire of substance abuse when addiction is not managed correctly and with the help of a trained professional.

Wood County, WV rehabilitation treatment centers know the dangers of not catering to all of the needs of an individual addict. Implementing behavioral and mental health treatment options within drug and alcohol rehab therapy allows a person to receive treatment on all levels. By taking this stance on addiction rehab treatment, Wood County treatment centers offer the best possible rehabilitation and recovery outlook, in order to get you back on track and live a healthy and meaningful life once again.

Levels Of Care In Wood County, WV Rehab Treatment Centers


In order to take back your life from addiction, you should expect a certain level of care provided by Wood County, WV rehabilitation centers. Because of the intricate hold, addiction has within your life; your treatment must be approached with compassion and understanding.

Being professionals in their field, rehab treatment centers operate with an order of operations. This is to ensure that you are moving through your journey to recovery with success. By building skills and coping mechanisms that will reinforce sobriety every day, you will be set up for success as you put in the work to take back your wellbeing.

The First Step Is Detox: Wood County, WV


As you begin any journey, like the journey to recovery, an addict must go through what is known as detox. The purpose of this crucial step is to allow the body to remove harmful substances that you have become adjusted to.

While being removed from these dangerous toxins for an appropriate amount of time, you will receive care and attention by rehab professionals within the facility that can constantly provide support while managing detox symptoms. While in the care of the Wood County, WV facility, overseen medical attention will be provided to you on a 24/7 time frame until you have successfully completed your detox.

Residential Treatment: Wood County, WV


After completing medical detox, the next process that must begin is your residential treatment. At this time, patients can now dedicate all of their time and efforts to learn and practice skills while identifying triggers and developing coping mechanisms.

Often, after detoxing, an addict will feel much better and think that they have control over their addiction. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and without staying the course, relapse is now at its highest risk. Wood County rehab specialists and staff encourage you to work with them in order to secure new habits and ways of thinking to ensure your recovery and sobriety are permanent fixtures before you return to your daily life.

These programs are designed uniquely to each individual, using evidence-based treatment procedures in order to address each part of an addict’s needs going forward. Along with around the clock support and care, different types of therapies are offered to reinforce positive thoughts and behaviors.

Types Of Therapies In Addiction Treatment Include:

  • group therapy
  • individual therapy
  • cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • music and art therapy
  • adventure therapy
  • outdoor therapy
  • other holistic treatments

Addiction has managed to warp your mind while wreaking havoc on your body, usually without you even knowing it. It is important to develop new ways of behavior that incorporate the health of your body, mind, and spirit.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) In Wood County, WV


After completing detox and residential treatment, now is the time to address transformation. While within the rehab treatment facility, patients were guided through what it takes to live a sober life, without addiction. Now, it is time to move these skills and coping mechanisms back into your individual life. A PHP will allow you to still retain a moderate level of care while readjusting to day to day life.

Now that triggers and temptations have been removed for a period of time and successfully identified, it is time to work around them and develop a new healthy lifestyle out in the community. PHP is an in-between point that successfully merges the types of treatment you were receiving while in residential treatment. However, it also allows patients to spend the evening at home with their newfound sobriety.

It is important to remember that all of the therapy and support will still be available to you at this time, but you are given the opportunity to apply it to your home life. After rehab, you can use these methods daily to successfully heal in recovery, and keep addiction at bay.

Paying For Treatment In Wood County, WV Rehab Treatment Facilities


Aside from deciding what type of care is needed to face off with substance abuse, the most common concern for someone suffering from addiction is how they will afford to pay for it. While this is a very valid concern, nothing is more important than getting your life back on track. Refusing to get treatment for addiction has consequences far beyond just the wellbeing of the addicted person. Addiction will have a profound effect on the lives of those around them who love and care for them.

residential treatment in wood county west virginia

Fortunately, Wood County, WV drug, and alcohol rehab treatment centers work with health insurance providers. A good portion of health care plans either partially or fully cover the costs of your addiction rehab.

It is a good idea to contact your preferred rehab care facility in order to gather information. Then, set up and evaluate what your healthcare provider can offer you as far as financial assistance. The staff will help to guide you through questions and concerns you may have. We can provide this service while speaking with your health insurance carrier. They will gladly give you the information you will need to best make arrangements without added stress.

Major Health Insurance Carriers Have Plans That Work Specifically With Your Local Wood County, West Virginia Rehabilitation Treatment Facility:

However, don’t panic if yours is not listed here. There are many more health insurance providers out there that may even offer different types of financial assistance. We are committed to making sure that you receive the best possible addiction treatment care. We will do everything we can to put you on the right path.

Wood County, West Virginia Alternatives For Rehabilitation Treatment Payment Options


There are some other options to look at for payment. If you do not have any type of healthcare coverage to assist you financially. Keep in mind, paying out of pocket is always an option. However, it could be helpful to consider the assistance of other methods listed below:

  • Applying for a loan– Some personal banks will offer you lower interest rates on personal loans. There are many available private or corporate lenders available that you can apply for.
  • Medicaid/Medicare– This option is available on both a federal and state-affiliated program level. They offer free or lower-cost insurance to those who qualify. This has proven very useful for many, and is a good option for low-income applicants who need assistance paying for rehab in Wood County, West Virginia.
  • Set up and sponsor your own fundraiser– When going without health insurance adds stress to an already stressful situation, you can call on your local or national community for their help in this time of need. In fact, because addiction and substance dependency affects so many families in Wood County, many times, the locals will join together and donate to the valuable fund of your recovery and sobriety. Check into what is available through social media. Or, enlist in the help of already structured sites such GoFundMe, or CrowdRise, as they have been known to have platforms that help addicts with the financial assistance to get the treatment that will help uplift their overall health and recovery needs.

No matter which avenue you take to acquire drug or alcohol rehab treatment in Wood County, the staff at Harmony Ridge is eager to hear from you to address your addiction rehabilitation needs. The most important action you can take for yourself is to get the help available.

Take Back Control Of Your Life!


Today can be the day that you make an everlasting positive change. You can overcome the hold that addiction has over you. Best of all, you don’t have to do it alone. Every day more and more people in Wood County, West Virginia turn away from addiction. They reach out to get the lives that they deserve, for them and for their families.

Harmony Ridge is prepared to help you in any way possible. Its time to heal your mind, body, and soul of the trauma that addiction has afflicted upon it. Contact us today to speak with our admissions team to get your recovery journey started, and take back your life.

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