Holistic Addiction Therapy

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Over the past few decades, a progressive trend in healthcare has been including alternative or holistic recovery center methods into more conventional therapies. Today many holistic techniques are currently being used in rehab centers across the nation. Harmony Ridge Recovery Center is one of the drug and alcohol treatment centers in West Virginia that successfully applies holistic therapy for addiction. It doesn’t only lead patients to sobriety but also helps them maintain it in the long run. We include a wide range of activities that support holistic addiction recovery and make it feel a lot more wholesome. That way, our patients embrace recovery as a positive change and learn how to reshape their life through healthy habits and routines. This is why Harmony Ridge is one of the recognized rehab centers that reshapes the way addiction recovery is approached.

beautiful red haired woman meditating during holistic therapy for addiction
Yoga and meditation play an important role in holistic therapy for addiction.

What Is a Holistic Recovery Program?

Holistic addiction treatment programs highlight personalized, non-medical methods of addiction rehabilitation. Holistic therapists treat both medical and physical addiction symptoms, along with emotional and nutritional imbalances in your body. Poor diet, lack of sleep, and emotional stress are all possible barriers holistic therapy can help a rehab patient treat. Holistic recovery centers are flexible and cater to the needs of each patient.

Some of the main objectives of holistic addiction treatment include:

  • Decreasing the appeal of substance use
  • Developing self-confidence
  • Encouraging physical fitness
  • Identifying the underlying causes of addiction
  • Strengthening resistance to cravings

What Holistic Therapy Entails

Each reputable meth rehab center West Virginia has on offer provides holistic addiction treatment using meditation, exercise, and nutrition to help patients overcome their addictions.

young woman riding a bike as a part of holistic therapy for addiction
Physical exercise and outdoor activities are also part of the holistic therapy for addiction offered at Harmony Ridge.

Some holistic therapy methods include:

The benefits of Holistic Addiction Therapy

Generally, addiction treatment programs that include holistic techniques carefully consider a combined mental, physical, and spiritual model for developing a treatment plan. Some of these techniques are also classified as complementary or alternative treatments, some of which are based on practices that originate from cultural traditions.

smiling woman holding a smiley balloon
Holistic therapy for addiction makes the addiction recovery process feel a lot more meaningful.

Studies have shown that approximately 4 out of 10 adults in the U.S. use complementary and alternative medicine, and the trend seems to be growing. This method is designed to treat the entire person and improve overall well-being instead of only targeting a particular element of an individual’s behaviors or symptoms. Holistic recovery center approaches to addiction treatment should both reduce isolated addictive behaviors and address a broad set of factors that prompted them.

Types of Holistic Addiction Treatment

Holistic addiction treatment incorporates various aspects of healthy living, from meditation to exercise.

Some of the primary therapies include:

  • Nutritional Therapy: A healthy heart is a crucial part of addiction recovery. Encouraging recovering addicts to focus on proper nutrition contributes to physical healing. Recovering addicts can begin fresh and provide their bodies with the nutrition needed to overcome their addiction.
  • Exercise and Recreational Therapy: Everyday exercise helps to build a routine, relieve stress, and stimulate the body. Exercise is an essential part of many holistic addiction treatment centers. Activities vary from each comprehensive addiction treatment center, but some offer horseback riding, canoeing, rock climbing, or hiking.
  • Meditation: For recovering addicts to overcome their substance abuse, they must have a clear mind. Guided meditation is a vital part of many holistic recovery center programs. Many treatment centers also offer tai chi and yoga as meditative practices to help patients enhance focus and clarity of mind.

The most effective holistic recovery center programs build on conventional addiction treatment methods. Managing withdrawal symptoms from quitting drinking and other central nervous system depressants usually requires medical supervision. Traditional techniques, coupled with holistic methods, include:

  • Comprehensive medical care
  • Medically assisted detoxification
  • Individual mental health counseling

Many recovering addicts also attend 12-step groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous for emotional support.

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Combining Holistic Techniques with Substance Abuse Treatment


In some instances, holistic therapy methods are used to augment specific aspects of more current recovery efforts. In doing so, these procedures could help with:

  • Particular withdrawal symptoms
  • Reduction of spiritual grounding
  • Stress or other sensitive issues that could have caused substance use
  • Unwholesome eating habits which result in malnutrition combined with chronic substance use

Specific techniques, like Reiki, aim to improve an energetic theoretical imbalance with body-energy manipulation.

Disciples of complementary and alternative medicine practices support that they can increase the chances of permanent recovery from substance use disorders. But, it is commonly recommended that holistic therapies should be coupled with standard treatment methods and not as an alternative to more conventional, evidence-based approaches.

Effectiveness of Holistic Techniques in Addiction Treatment

People who are looking into holistic recovery center programs might find it challenging to find evidence backing the efficacy of these treatments. There has not been a lot of research on many holistic therapies, and the research that has been done is usually inconclusive. Because of this reason, the effectiveness of the methods in maintaining permanent recovery from addiction is still mostly unknown, and it is rarely debated.

In some instances, holistic recovery center treatments could attract individuals who might not be interested in conventional therapies. This form of treatment gets them more comfortable with residential treatment and makes them more willing to try other methods. Studies have shown that these methods provide a higher probability of long-term recovery. Also, using these treatments can help patients feel more at ease, more productive in their treatment journey, and more able to cope with the difficulties of detox. For these purposes, holistic recovery center practices are a positive addition to more evidence-based therapies.

Holistic and Conventional Approaches to Addiction Treatment

The majority of experts agree that traditional, research-based medical detox and treatment administered through an inpatient program are more likely to support patients in managing recovery. The holistic label can indicate a broad range of alternative treatment methods.

When considering different rehab centers, people should do some research into what each particular location offers as holistic addiction treatment. They might need to ask about the treatments offered, the training of the specialists administering the procedures, and the price of care.

Many complementary and alternative medicine treatments lack evidence-based efficiency throughout addiction treatment. But there is data that is linked to treatment completion measures and treatment retention, both of which provide positive treatment outcomes. It’s fair to assume that specific holistic addiction therapies, like meditation and yoga, are used to increase more conventional addiction treatments. In some cases, medical detox, behavioral therapies, and individual therapy can add to the before-mentioned treatment satisfaction, in some cases.

How We Approach Holistic Addiction Treatment


By employing various types of treatment therapies, patients become educated about their addiction and the underlying factors that have fueled it. These holistic and comprehensive approaches to healing allow each patient the knowledge to succeed in conquering their triggers and help them lead a lifestyle of sobriety.

Our team here at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center believes in empowering our patients living with addiction and providing each of them with the time needed to restore their confidence and trust.

We strive to transform our patients into the positive, happy, and healthy people that they always were but got lost at some point. Our treatment specialist’s purpose is to help those who are struggling with addiction in getting back on the right track!

Our comprehensive-holistic approach to addiction therapy includes:

  • 24-hour medical supervision and care
  • Adventure therapy
  • Aftercare and transition planning
  • Art therapy
  • Biofeedback therapy
  • Career and education assistance
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • In-house gym time and sports activities
  • Job placement and interview preparation
  • Legal assistance for probation and court-ordered treatment management
  • Recreational activities (hiking, biking, gaming/arcades, fishing)

We offer a residential stay in our facility

Harmony Ridge is one of the inpatient drug rehab centers in West Virginia that effectively utilizes traditional-meets-holistic addiction treatment. Our aim is to address addiction as a whole and treat the psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of addiction. In addition, we provide a residential area for those who opt for continuous care under a curated schedule.

Our residential inpatient substance abuse treatment WV is for those who…:

  • …wish to receive care in a calm and serene environment.
  • …have developed severe levels of addiction and are unable to do basic activities.
  • …require mental help in addition to addiction.
  • …have suicidal tendencies paired with addiction to drugs.

You can fund your or your loved one’s recovery with insurance coverage. Feel free to contact us and verify if we accept your chosen insurance plan. In addition, we offer assistance regarding the application procedure.

Partial hospitalization is on offer as well

Once you complete inpatient treatment, you may continue with the outpatient version. It’s a partial hospitalization program, which means that you aren’t obligated to live in a rehab facility. On the other hand, you can start your rehab journey with the intensive outpatient program (IOP) if a flexible rehab treatment is what you seek. Harmony Ridge provides an effective intensive outpatient program West Virginia residents speak highly of. It’s also possible to fund it with the insurance plans we accept.

Sober living homes

For some recovering individuals, going back to everyday life or starting over can be difficult. Therefore, we also offer a stay in our sober living WV homes for those who require a smoother transition into society. So, feel free to let us know if you require a post-rehab residential stay involving a schedule. The main purpose of living in a sober living home is to slowly regain a sense of daily responsibilities and create a structured life.

Detox and Treatment Options offered at Harmony Ridge


Here at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center, we offer more than just holistic addiction treatment. Listed below are a few forms of substances we provide detox and treatment for:

Alcohol addiction treatment

Treating alcohol use disorder is not an easy task. While most people assume it can be achieved at home, it’s recommended that those suffering from an alcohol addiction detox at a medical treatment center.

Ambien addiction treatment

People say when taking Ambien, they partake in dangerous activities like driving, binge eating and purging, and walking without any remembrance the next day. The risks of engaging in these types of behaviors, while unconscious, is hazardous to the user as well as others around them. Individuals with these side effects are at high risk of getting into a car accident, choking, or falling.

If you suffer from Ambien addiction, seek Ambien rehab facilities that take a holistic approach to addiction treatment. Besides medical assistance, you’ll have an opportunity to partake in miscellaneous activities that boost your confidence to go with recovery until its completion.

Barbiturates addiction treatment

Barbiturate users are at risk for many adverse side effects. Motives for why users abuse this drug are to decrease anxiety, counteract the effects of stimulant drugs, and reduce inhibitions. Contemporary barbiturates rehab includes holistic methods, whether you opt for an inpatient or outpatient program.

Benzodiazepines addiction treatment

In addition to forming an addiction to benzodiazepines, those who are taking them for lengthened periods are at risk for developing withdrawal symptoms. According to numerous case studies, holistic treatment at benzodiazepine rehab centers has proven as an integral component of recovery that help patients remain sober for longer periods.

Cocaine addiction treatment

Using cocaine frequently will lead to dependence, causing the user to experience withdrawal symptoms once they discontinue using. Those symptoms only become more difficult after frequent use. This is why cocaine rehab West Virginia centers – like Harmony Ridge – rely on a holistic approach to recovery. Medical assistance combined with psychotherapy and supplementary activities (yoga, art classes, etc.) make the transition to a sober lifestyle a lot less painful.

psychiatrist preparing holistic therapy for addiction
We approach addiction treatment with innovative methods that include psychotherapy and different activities.

Fentanyl addiction treatment

Like other opioids, fentanyl is hugely addictive. When an individual uses fentanyl, their body quickly forms a dependency on the drug, resulting in them taking larger doses to produce the equivalent level of “high”. For these reasons, fentanyl rehab centers see holistic therapy as the answer to severe fentanyl addiction. These are some of the reasons why a holistic approach benefits overall recovery from fentanyl addiction:

  • Patients learn how to boost their energy levels through physical activities.
  • The brain becomes less and less dependent on drugs as time goes by.
  • It’s a gradual step down from a drug-fueled lifestyle to healthier habits and sobriety.

Heroin addiction treatment

Heroin use and the need for heroin treatment are on the rise, with nearly half a million people across the nation using it regularly. Rehab facilities are abundant everywhere, but it is vital to find the best one that cares for patients and works hard at helping them reach lifelong sobriety. Harmony Ridge Recovery Center is one of the best West Virginia heroin rehab centers that implement holistic methods as an aid to a wide range of recovery programs.

Marijuana addiction treatment

Misuse of marijuana leads to impaired cognition and motor skills, as well as psychosis in severe cases. Look no further than Harmony Ridge if you seek one of the best marijuana rehab West Virginia centers.

Opiate addiction treatment

We want you to know that we also operate as an opiate rehab center providing inpatient outpatient programs that entail a required set of treatments. If you or your loved ones need a safe space to recover from consequences related to opiates, feel free to notify us.

Stimulants addiction treatment

Addiction to prescription stimulants is common among college students, business owners, and high-performance individuals in general. They increase alertness, thus helping with focus and giving more energy for the day. However, the side effects (insomnia, increased heart rate, blood pressure, etc.) cause long-term damage to cognition and health overall. Thanks to the holistic stimulants rehab program we provide, you can free yourself from a never-ending addiction cycle and build a new life on healthier grounds.

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What makes holistic therapy different than others?

Holistic therapy involves supplementary activities like yoga, meditation, and outdoor activities. That way, rehab becomes a lot more wholesome.

Is holistic therapy widely accepted?

Holistic therapy is already widely accepted in most rehab facilities.

Does insurance cover additional activities?

Depends on the insurance coverage plan.

Does holistic therapy work in cases of alcohol addiction?

Yes, it does.

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