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Is Harmony Ridge One of the Drug Rehab Centers in WV That Accept Medicaid?

By | August 3rd, 2022

Addiction is a serious medical condition that requires professional treatment. So if you are struggling with substance abuse of any type, there is no shame in asking for help. You...

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Sober Living Home – Harmony Ridge Recovery Center

By Jessie | July 28th, 2022

Sober living homes are invaluable resources for people looking for a “middle step” between residential treatment and going home. These communities offer many advantages to recovering individuals. Each sober living...

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Aftercare Programs for Addiction

By Jessie | July 28th, 2022

Addiction recovery is a long-term process that will continue for many years after treatment. Aftercare programs for substance abuse are any ongoing care once a person leaves treatment. The most...

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Relapse Prevention

By Jessie | July 27th, 2022

Relapse starts before you think it does. When a person is said to relapse, often the assumption is their actual physical return to active addiction. Yet it’s not that simple....

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The Dangers of Fentanyl Addiction

By Jessie | June 30th, 2022

Much like many other addictive drugs that plague our communities, Fentanyl is a dangerous synthetic opioid that can wreak havoc in an individual’s life. A synthetic opioid that is 80-100...

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Crack vs Cocaine: Exploring the Differences

By Jessie | June 30th, 2022

The cocaine and crack epidemic has been one of the most significant drug problems in America over the past few decades. Most cocaine is sourced from Columbia which produces 90%...

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Are Porn Addiction and Substance Addiction Related?

By Jessie | June 13th, 2022

You probably think of “addiction” as a term related to drug and alcohol use. However, it actually describes substance abuse and some compulsive behaviors. This includes the consumption of pornography....

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Addiction Treatment Therapy

By Jessie | June 9th, 2022

Addiction is a complex disease that can affect a multitude of areas in an individual‘s life. In 2017, studies showed that about 20 million U.S. citizens needed therapy for addiction...

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Rehab Journey : Relapse Stages, Triggers and Coping Skills

By Jessie | May 23rd, 2022

Addiction is a disease that can completely take over a person’s life. It affects not only the individual but also their family and friends. Addiction can be difficult to overcome,...

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Drug Rehab For Veterans

By Jessie | May 20th, 2022

The U. S. has spent two decades in continuous war. Thus, people with personal military connections have raised public and professional concerns for the mental health of veterans and service...

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