Signs Someone is Drinking Too Much

The signs and symptoms of excessive alcohol intake can be troubling and revealing. You can’t hide excessive alcohol abuse from someone who knows what to look for. In the case of drinking, indulgence brings about noticeable physical manifestations that should not be overlooked. Knowing the physical signs someone is drinking too much is key to saving yet another life from being claimed by alcohol abuse

All of the symptoms mentioned  in this article are very telling and cannot be mistaken for other conditions. Some symptoms, however, can escape recognition and lead to undesirable consequences. Knowing what to watch for can save the life of a friend or family member before their drinking gets excessive. If you notice of any of these symptoms in a loved one, it is vital to seek therapeutic help immediately. 

The longer you or a loved one delves into excessive alcohol consumption, the more susceptible you are to serious health problems and alcohol overdose. Taking action can spare you from having to overcome substance abuse and any related health conditions that may develop as a result.


What are the Signs of an Alcohol Overdose?

An alcohol overdose, more commonly known as alcohol poisoning, comes with symptoms that can be fatal if not adhered to. Because alcohol consumption slows your digestive response, heavy daily drinking habits can collectively develop into alcohol poisoning, which requires medical attention. Any of the indicators below should be heavily monitored or seek medical help. 

The following signalers are a few of the numerous reasons seeking therapeutic help is vital to prevent such potentially life-threatening overdose occurrences. Don’t wait until you experience these symptoms to get help. Observe these symptoms as characteristics that rehab can help you avoid.


Vomiting is one of the most tell-tale signs someone is drinking too much. Though people often associate alcohol with throwing up, it’s not simply consumption, but overconsumption that causes alcohol-related vomiting. This means your body has exceeded the intake it can handle and attempts to expel the excess alcohol. When you’ve reached the point of regurgitation, you’re tight-roping the fine line between alcohol abuse and permanent health problems. Reaching regurgitation means you’ve gone beyond mere intoxication.

Blue or Pale Skin

Skin that takes on a blue or pale appearance following alcohol consumption is a sure sign of alcohol poisoning. Skin takes this appearance when alcohol deprives your body of the necessary oxygen to supply your body and organs with the necessary sustenance. See a doctor immediately if you or someone else is exhibiting this symptom of alcohol poisoning, as it cannot be rectified without medical assistance.


Alcohol poisoning and the oxygen deprivation that follows can send your body into shock. When alcohol sends your body into shock, your body is sent into a convulsive fit. The only remedy is the medical infusion of balancing nutrients your body needs. Alcoholic seizures are not a self-resolvable occurrence. Call 9-1-1 if at any time you see someone have an alcohol-related seizure. 

Breathing Irregularities

At this stage, alcohol has deprived your body of oxygen to support vital functions, including your lung function. Hoarseness, difficulty breathing, or gaps in natural breathing are numerous signs that someone is drinking too much. Even worse, this sign is an indication that intoxication has progressed into alcohol poisoning. For this purpose, it is vital to monitor and notice such breathing irregularities following a drinking binge. 

Decreased Body Temperature

Because alcohol causes blood vessel dilation, these constricted blood vessels do not well retain your natural body heat. You may feel warmer only because your body exhales the heat through your pores, causing your internal body temperature to drop. Furthermore, being cold to the touch after consuming alcohol is also an indication of decreased body temperature. This can be a fatally overlooked symptom of alcohol poisoning/overdose.

What are the Signs of Alcohol Overconsumption?

Because alcohol consumption in excess is a precursor to alcohol poisoning and alcohol addiction, it’s important to know what to look for. Failing to observe the signs someone is drinking too much could have fatal consequences to one’s health and life. Whether you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol, your action when observing these factors could determine the rest of your lie. Better yet, understanding the gravity of these harmful symptoms and seeking help before they occur will put you on the fast track to recovery.

Abnormal Facial Redness or Lesions

Though alcohol in small portions opens up your blood vessels, overconsumption has an opposite and constricting effect on blood vessels. As a result, this overindulgence produces an inflammatory response or narrowing of blood vessels in the facial region. This inflammation and narrowing of blood vessels causes visible reddening around the eyes, cheeks, or nose. While skin redness can also be indicative of other underlying conditions, it is also one of the many signs someone is drinking too much. Do not disregard if you or a loved one begins to develop abnormal facial redness.

A Lingering Odor

A distinct alcoholic odor accompanies anybody who abuses alcohol. Whether or not the user is currently intoxicated, alcohol secretes through your pores and mingles with sweat. Bear in mind that this odor indicates a heavy alcohol problem but does not always mean they have most recently indulged. One of the sure signs someone is drinking too much is the lingering pungency of alcohol. For an alcoholic, this stench can linger even after an extended period without use. It takes time for continuous excessive alcohol consumption to exhume through the body’s pores, sweat, etc.

Physical Wrinkles and Skin Discoloration

Beyond mere redness and skin lesions, alcohol abuse shows specific signs of wear and tear on your body. Another of the most apparent signs of drinking too much is the symptoms manifested in their overall physical appearance. Because alcohol is a dehydrator that flushes fluids from your vital organs, alcohol exhibits its internal wear and tear through your external appearance. Alcohol-induced dehydration produces added wrinkles, dry skin, and sagging facial features that are paper-like in presentation. Yellowing of the eyes and skin and magnified eye bags are also among the tell-tale signs someone is drinking too much and need professional help.

Increased Weight

There are a variety of factors that contribute to increased body mass in association with alcoholism. Alcohol inhibits the metabolic rate in which food and alcohol are processed and causes increased appetite. Increased appetite compounded with bad eating habits is a dual-fold health risk and takes a toll on your body over time. If you’ve noticed a weight increase in you or someone you love coinciding with any traces of the other symptoms mentioned, don’t ignore the warning signs. An alcohol habit presents a health problem in itself. But the additional pounds that often coincide with drinking puts even more strain on your heart and other vital organs.

Loss of Hair

Alcohol inhibits how your body naturally processes and exhumes protein through hair follicles. Though ‘alcoholic’ shouldn’t be your first thought when observing hair loss, it is certainly a byproduct of alcohol habits. If you or someone you know is a drinker, this may be a red flag that they indulge more than they should. Over time, this protein processing deficiency could develop into an irreversible health condition.

Sudden Unconsciousness

With alcohol being a bodily depressant, drowsiness is expected. However, an unexpected or sudden unconsciousness following a session of drinking means your body has ingested beyond its capacity. This is the body’s way of saying, “I’ve had way too much”, and begins to shut down. Much like vomiting, reaching the point of alcohol-induced sleep means the consumer has little to no control over their intake. At this point it’s time to take control of the drink that has controlled you or a loved one for far too long.

Time is of the Essence, Get Help For Alcohol Addiction Today!

Ignoring the signs someone is drinking too much puts your loved one’s life at risk with each passing moment without action. You can take action on behalf of a loved one who lacks the ability to take the initiative on behalf of their well-being. Don’t let the worry of losing your friend or family member to alcohol addiction become a reality. 

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your loved one’s well-being and rehabilitation are in top-notch hands at Harmony Ridge Recovery. Put the minds and hearts of your family members at ease by enrolling a loved one into rehab. Harmony Ridge Recovery is more than just a rehab center; it’s the key to all the joys that alcohol has kept prisoner for so long. One call can give your entire family the key to new memories and new life beyond the struggle.

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