Long Term Drug Rehab

Our specialized long-term treatment programs offer comprehensive care and support to address the root causes of addiction and foster lasting change. Our experienced team will guide you through every step of the journey toward a healthier and more fulfilling life.


Addiction recovery doesn’t happen over night – it is a long process and many require treatment for months or even years before they feel confident enough in their sobriety to maintain it without support. Typically, that support is achieved through participation in outpatient programs. But what if your addiction is severe and you need more than that? Harmony Ridge Recovery Center has a solution. With our long term drug rehab WV, you can have intensive treatment for prolonged periods of time and get all the help you need in the early stages of recovery. Our medical staff and mental health experts are willing and able to commit to long-term addiction recovery plans and will support you as you take these crucial first steps at your own pace. Just give us a call whenever you’re ready and start your journey toward a better life with us!

Yearly planner on a desk.
Long term addiction rehab can last up to a year and it’s well worth it.

What is Long Term Drug Rehab in WV?


Although addiction recovery is by nature long-term, you won’t spend the entirety of it in rehab. Instead, the combined average length of detox, inpatient treatment, and outpatient programs totals to just under 300 days. But what if you need more care than that? This is what long term drug and alcohol rehab in West Virginia is for. It is a type of inpatient addiction treatment that lasts significantly longer than an average rehab program – between 3 and 12 months. In some particularly severe cases, it is even possible to extend a long-term stay to two whole year. And if you still find yourself struggling after that, you can also continue treatment in a partial hospitalization program, an intensive outpatient program, or a regular inpatient program.

How does long term drug rehab at Harmony Ridge work?

When you decide to seek help for your addiction, you’ll get in touch with us and our admission team will arrange for your arrival at an agreed-upon date. Upon your arrival, you will be assessed by our team of medical personnel and mental health staff. This evaluation will help us decide on the best course of treatment in the near future. Typically, that treatment starts with detox. Depending on your addiction and your condition, you may be prescribed medication during the detox phase. This part of the rehab lasts between 5 and 15 days. If you are on medication or suffer from a medical condition due to your addiction, you will continue to receive medical assistance for as long as necessary.

A psychiatrist in long term drug rehab WV examining a new patient.
Long term rehab starts like any other – with an evaluation.

After detox, you will start attending therapy. Both group and individual therapy is provided on a weekly basis to help you address both addiction and any co-occurring disorders. The intensity and frequency of it will, however, change over time. As you progress on your journey toward sobriety, you will gradually need less and less support. We accommodate those changing needs by allowing you more free time and more freedom with that time in the later stages. Long term drug rehab is, therefore, nothing like completing a few rounds of a typical residential treatment. Instead, it is a long term treatment plan tailored to facilitate your recovery journey over an extended period of time.

How Does Long Term Drug Rehab Compare WV Compare to Other Forms of Rehab?


Addiction treatment is provided at several different levels of care. Each has its place in the rehab process and is suitable for a different severity of addiction or a different stage of recovery:

  • residential drug rehab in WV – an intensive inpatient program that typically lasts 30-90 days and is recommended for severe cases of addiction or as a first step in recovery
  • partial hospitalization program WV – a step down from residential rehab and a good transitional program for those who don’t feel confident enough to transfer directly from inpatient to outpatient treatment
  • intensive outpatient program West Virginia – an outpatient program that offers up to 16 hours of treatment weekly and is suitable for mild cases of addiction or in later stages of recovery
  • sober living WV – a form of aftercare based on living in a controlled environment that doesn’t include treatment but rather aims to help the transition into everyday life

The main difference between these types of treatment and long term drug rehab WV is the length of the program and the amount of care provided in it. As an inpatient program, long term rehab represents a higher level of care than either a partial hospitalization or an intensive outpatient program. While in long term drug rehab, you will have access to medical and psycho-social services 24/7 – outpatient programs, no matter how intense, cannot provide that. A residential rehab does offer the same type of treatment but for much shorter periods of time. Regular inpatient programs last 30, 60, or 90 days; long term rehab lasts 3, 6 or 12 months which is up to twelve times as long. Finally, while you can spend this amount of time in a sober living home, you won’t receive the same care as sober living is not treatment.

The benefits of long term drug rehab WV

There are many reasons why you might want to consider a long term inpatient program in West Virginia, especially if you’ve been struggling with addiction for a long time or have a history of chronic relapse. Long term rehab provides the highest level of care for the longest period of time, which comes with many benefits, such as:

  • more comprehensive treatment plans that are not so time limited
  • the ability to take recovery at your own pace
  • enough time to dive deeper into mental health issues and underlying conditions
  • working with a familiar team who know you well and understand your needs
  • a safe and stable environment that makes recovery more comfortable
  • a gradual transition into lower levels of care over several weeks

These benefits make long term addiction treatment in WV particularly suitable for those who suffer from severe addiction, those who have serious co-occurring disorders, those at a high risk for relapse, and those with an unstable home situation or without a support system.

Harmony Ridge Offers a Comprehensive Long Term Drug Rehab Program


If you think long term drug rehab WV might be a good idea, then we have the right program for you. We foster a supportive and compassionate sober community at our facilities, which is the perfect setting for our long-term treatment that includes both medical and mental health services.

Access to medical and pharmacological services throughout your stay

The effects of addiction and detox on your body can be dangerous. It is, therefore, recommended that you detox under medical supervision. This makes the process not only safer but also more comfortable as doctors are able to prescribe medication to alleviate some of the worst symptoms. But medication assisted treatment in WV often extends beyond detox. You may need to stay on medication to control cravings. Or you may require medication for other mental and physical conditions. Either way, medication management and regular health check-ups are a part of long term inpatient treatment. For as long as you stay at our facility, your physical health will be taken care of.

Medication in a cup.
Your medical needs will be taken care of in long term drug rehab WV.

Intensive addiction therapy and mental health treatment

The majority of your time in long term drug rehab WV will be spent in addiction therapy which is provided on two levels:

Therapy will help you identify and address your feelings. The goal is to find out what triggers your substance abuse, learn how to recognize the maladaptive thought patterns that cause you to act on those triggers, and then develop better coping mechanisms for the future. This can be achieved through several different approaches to therapy, including:

Organized activities during downtime

Months in treatment sound boring, don’t they? But the Harmony Ridge facility provides its residents with plenty of options for relaxation and socialization. Take a hike through the forest around you or go fishing on a nearby lake. Hit the gym to work out your frustrations or settle down with a book in your comfortable room. And when you feel like having company, check out some of our organized activities. Current residents, working alumni, and counselors are all encouraged to host social events. Join a meditation circle, set up a campfire, or work on a group arts&crafts project. Your stay in long term drug rehab in West Virginia will include downtime. At our facility, you can fill that downtime with just about anything you enjoy.

Arts and crafts materials on a table.
Join a creative activity for some fun and good company.

Our Long Term Drug rehab WV is suitable for the treatment of most common addictions


Long term treatment is based on support needs, not the type of addiction you have. So you may benefit from long term drug rehab WV regardless of your substance of choice. Of course, some addictions more commonly require prolonged treatment than others. This includes, for example, the highly addictive heroin, cocaine, meth, and opioids. But any addiction can be severe enough to require long term care. This is why Harmony Ridge is prepared to deal with all the common addictions. Our facility provides:

Treating co-occurring disorders in long term drug rehab

One of the main reasons people require long term rehab are serious co-occurring disorders. Of course, we can accommodate the need for additional mental health services. Our long term rehab in WV includes dual diagnosis treatment for some of the most common co-occurring disorders. So if you suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD, BPD or other mental illnesses, this will be addressed during your recovery. Such holistic treatment for mental health is the best way to achieve long term sobriety.

Person sitting in a window in long term drug rehab WV.
Addressing your mental health is an important part of rehab.

Harmony Ridge Recovery Center is The Perfect Choice for Long Term Drug Rehab in WV


When you’re spending months on end at a rehab facility, it is more important than ever to find the right treatment center. You want to entrust your long term recovery to true experts, people you can trust and feel comfortable with. And it wouldn’t hurt to stay at a modern and well-equipped facility where you’ll have access to tons of amenities and beautiful nature. Harmony Ridge has all that and more!

Evidence-based treatment methods

Our long term drug rehab WV only employs methods that are proven to be effective in the treatment of addiction. This includes well-known approaches to individual and group therapy such as CBT and DBT as well as newer, more modern types of treatment like EMDR that show a lot of promise. We keep track of all developments in the field of addiction treatment and follow the latest recommendations from relevant government bodies and health organizations to ensure that you are always getting the best treatment possible.

A holistic approach to addiction recovery

Addiction affects every aspect of your being; any treatment for it must do the same. This is why Harmony Ridge subscribes to a holistic long term rehab. We won’t just treat your physical symptoms with medication or only scratch the surface in therapy. Instead, we will work on your overall mental and physical health. Our holistic addiction therapy relies on medication, individual and group therapy, nutrition, biofeedback, physical activity, art, nature, meditation, spirituality, and more to help you heal on every level.

Person medidating in nature.
Our approach to addiction includes physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual healing.

Compassionate and caring expert staff

Over the course of your long term addiction treatment in West Virginia, you will come in contact with different doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors, social workers, community organizers, and more. Each one of them without fail will treat you with respect and kindness. We are not here to judge you, shame you, or tear you down. Instead, we believe nurturing, supporting, and caring for you is the best way to encourage you on your way toward a better future.

A unique location to facilitate healing

During your long term stay at our facility, you will have access to more than 50 acres of breathtaking West Virginian nature. Surrounded by forests and lakes, you’ll be able to recover in peace. Research has shown that nature is healing in many ways – it’s good for your physical health and fitness as well as calming to mental and emotional state. Whether you are looking for a beautiful place to meditate, a location for your group picnic, or a good hiking trail to expend some energy, you’ll find what you need on the other side of the door to our rehab center.

Contact us today and take the first step toward addiction recovery!

No matter how bad your addiction is, there is always hope for recovery. And at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center, we do not give up on anyone. Where other programs have failed, our long term drug rehab WV can be the solution. So if you are ready to kick the habit once and for all, contact us today and start the admission process. Our staff is available 24/7 to answer your questions, offer support, and help you take that crucial first step toward sobriety.



1. What is long term drug rehab?

Long term drug rehab is an inpatient addiction program that typically lasts between 3 and 12 months. This is significantly longer than the 30-90 days spent in a regular inpatient program and better fits the recommendation of the National Institute on Drug Abuse that addiction treatment should last a minimum of three months.

2. How is long term drug rehab different from a standard inpatient program?

Like any residential rehab, a long term program requires participants to live on the premises of the treatment facility for the duration of the treatment. This creates a controlled environment in which relapse becomes next to impossible as one is constantly under supervision from medical staff, mental health professionals, and social workers. The main difference is simply in the duration of the program. This is, however, a crucial difference as a longer stay affects the treatment plan.

3. Which addictions is long term drug rehab recommended for?

As is the case with most types of rehab, long term treatment is not necessarily recommended for a specific addiction but rather a certain level of support needs. So you could be a good candidate for long term rehab regardless of the substance you’re using. What matters more is how long you’ve been addicted, how severe your addiction is, your history with treatment and relapse, the level of support you have outside of rehab, your physical and mental health, and similar.

4. What are the benefits of long term drug rehab?

The main benefit of long term treatment is, of course, the amount of time in treatment. The longer your stay, the more help you can receive from medical staff and mental health professionals. This means you’ll be able to heal under medical supervision for as long as necessary, go in-depth with your therapy, and form strong bonds with both your treatment providers and other rehab participants.

5. Is long term drug rehab for me?

The best way to decide if long term drug rehab is for you is to consult with the admission team at the rehab center. While you can bring up long term treatment as an option, a professional evaluation is the best way to be sure this is the right choice for you. You will probably be a good candidate if you have a long history of addiction and relapse or an unstable support system at home.

6. What comes after long term drug rehab?

Although long term drug rehab provides up to a year of intensive treatment, many people still choose to continue to receive professional support after the program. You can transition into one of the outpatient programs – a partial hospitalization program, an intensive outpatient program, or a regular outpatient program – or you can try a sober living home if you’re satisfied with your treatment but still want to be in a controlled environment. Even if you no longer require addiction treatment, it is recommended that you stay in therapy to maintain your sobriety and improve your mental health further.

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