Addiction Treatment Programs

Treatment Programs

At Harmony Ridge, we offer a multitude of different addiction treatment programs in West Virginia that are able to help treat those struggling with addictions to some of the most dangerous substances. 

From our experience, we know that not everyone who comes through our doors is going to fit into one type of addiction treatment program, which is why we have many different ones to choose from. Through proper assessments and evaluations, we can help you decide which program/programs are best for you as you move forward on your journey towards recovery.

What to Expect at our West Virginia Addiction Treatment Programs

Medical Detox

For many, medical detox is a necessary form of treatment required at the top of their addiction treatment. Depending on the individual’s history of abuse, what kind of substance he or she has been abusing, and for how long, medical detox might be a requirement prior to receiving any further therapeutic treatments.

At Harmony Ridge, our detox program includes many of our most experienced medical and psychiatric professionals who will work with all clients to ensure their comfort and wellbeing. During this time, clients will participate in care that includes vital checks, group therapy sessions, rest time, case management services, and more. And, once a client has completed detox, he or she can move into another program best suited for his or her needs.

Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment programs welcome individuals who desire to focus on his or her treatment without any interruptions, increase his or her chances of success, and go through this process alongside others who can understand what they are experiencing. With services being provided on an around-the-clock basis, clients participating in a residential treatment program will be provided with several different therapeutic means designed to bolster their recovery. From family therapy and wellness education to individual therapy and adventure therapy, Harmony Ridge covers all bases in the residential treatment program.

Intensive Outpatient

Those who participate in our intensive outpatient program often do so after completing a residential program or a partial hospitalization program (PHP). It is the perfect therapeutic setting for those who still require a strong guiding hand in their recovery, but do not need the same level of care as those in a residential program. Harmony Ridge’s intensive outpatient program, better known as our IOP, usually offers programming in the mornings (9AM – 12PM) or evenings (6PM – 9PM). There, patients will receive life skills training, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and relapse prevention classes.


The outpatient program at Harmony Ridge is usually best suited for those who have gone through detox, residential treatment, and intensive outpatient. The client does not reside at the treatment center, nor does he or she spend as much time there as he or she does during intensive outpatient programming. Instead, clients will do things such as participate in a 1-hour long weekly meeting, family therapy, receive employment support, motivational training, and court assistance, if necessary.

Medication-Assisted Treament

Studies show that those who are addicted to opioids and/or opiates can benefit from participating in medication-assisted treatment programs. These programs provide clients with prescription medication designed to help manage the intensity of their withdrawal symptoms and help prevent powerful cravings. At Harmony Ridge, we utilize medication-assisted treatment to effectively wean individuals off of these substances in a safe manner. This treatment can last anywhere from one to six months long, and no clients are ever discharged still on one of these medications.

Continuing Care

At Harmony Ridge, we know how important it is to continually offer support to all of those who have come to us for care. We do this by offering community programs on a regular basis. One of the most popular things that we do is hold AA and NA meetings each week that are open to past clients, present clients, and the public. Through this program, we strive to gather together individuals who have shared in similar struggles so that they can continue to learn from and share with one another as they move along in their process of recovery.

Each one of our programs is beneficial in an of itself, however, we encourage clients to work with us to develop a plan that includes more than one programming option in an effort to solidify their recovery. For example, clients can start in detox, move into residential treatment, transition to intensive outpatient, and finish up with outpatient care. That is certainly not the appropriate track for everyone who we treat, as we work to develop programming based on the needs of each individual person.

Sober Living

Our network of sober living recovery residences in Charlotte operated by House of Harmony and Midwood Addiction Treatment provides affordable, safe, clean, recovery-focused housing that is monitored and supervised 24/7 by our highly qualified trained staff.


The very root of what Harmony Ridge is all about can be found in the therapeutic services that we provide. We believe in providing evidence-based, clinically effective therapies that have proven potential to affect significant change in the lives of those looking to push past addiction and make it through to recovery.

12-Step Meetings

Our AA and NA-sanctioned meetings, located in our meeting hall, are open to the public and provide much-needed support to a local community that is deep-rooted in recovery and deserves all the local support systems that it can get in fighting the opioid and drug epidemic.

Get Help Through One Of Our Addiction Treatment Programs in West Virginia

At Harmony Ridge’s West Virginia addiction treatment programs, we see people every day who make the decision to stop using and start living. As a team of professionals who value evidence-based treatment combined with a compassionate approach, we know that if you reach out to us, we can help you. You do not have to continue to abuse drugs and/or alcohol any longer, rather uncover new ways of life that support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Do not let one more day go by where you abuse drugs and/or alcohol. Letting go of active addiction, coping with the underlying issues of your abuse, and developing new skills to keep you in recovery can make all the difference. The only thing you need to bring to Harmony Ridge is the determination to make your addiction a thing of the past once and for all.

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