Kim Sites

Director of Nursing

Kim originally hails from Huntington, WV. As Harmony Ridge Recovery Center’s Director of Nursing, she has always been interested and intrigued by a career in the drug and alcohol treatment industry. After addiction affected a member of her own family for five years, her passion to help others struggling with addiction grew exponentially. When asked what lessons her work life has taught her, “Work has reinforced the fact that people are human and make mistakes. Every single person deserves respect and care. I treat patients like they are my family.” Kim has earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Nursing, and is currently working on her Doctorate, making her the ideal person in her current role at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center. When asked what her most rewarding part of work is, “Seeing patients come in so sick and broken and watching them leave both physically and mentally stronger – makes me so proud of them.” During down time, she enjoys spending time with family and exercising.