Choosing the right substance abuse treatment facility for an individual can be daunting, but with very limited options for couples struggling with addiction, what is one to do? It’s not unusual for both members in a relationship to suffer from the disease of addiction. Unfortunately, when both members in a relationship are addicted to drugs or alcohol, it can be difficult for the couple to achieve and maintain sobriety. The fact is, both members in the relationship need to be ready to seek and receive medical assistance to combat their drug and alcohol addiction. Sadly, if only one member in the relationship seeks treatment, the chances of relapse are significantly greater when he/she returns home. That’s because the sober partner returns home to countless triggers set off by their partner who is still abusing drugs or alcohol. Thus, it’s vital that the couple seek drug and alcohol abuse treatment together.

Although choices for couples’ drug and alcohol treatment are limited, there are still some options to consider. The first option is to attend different facilities at the same time. Sadly, most couples are not willing to be apart during the detox and rehab process, and do not enter treatment due to the lack of medical facilities providing treatment for couples with addiction. Thankfully, the team at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center understands the importance of offering this service to couples suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.

Couples who abuse drugs or alcohol together are in a particularly difficult situation because the substance abuse can cause significant damage to the relationship. Even the most committed couples struggle with day-to-day issues and adding substance abuse to both parties only adds to the problem. Long-term drug or alcohol abuse results in personal, professional and financial complications. When both members of a household are addicted to drugs or alcohol, the negative consequences are amplified. Consequences may include mortgages get foreclosed upon, vehicles get repossessed, jobs are lost, and children may be removed from the household. Surprisingly, many treatment facilities do not offer couples rehab.

At Harmony Ridge Recovery Center, we recognized the urgency for couples rehab. Treating both members in a relationship for addiction is a complex process, that requires specialized care by seasoned addiction specialists. The caring and compassionate team at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center has helped thousands of couples attain and maintain long-term sobriety. We understand that when couples receive substance abuse treatment together, their chances of achieving long-term sobriety increase substantially. When couples work towards the same goal, great things happen.

Our experienced medical and clinical team will focus on specific issues for each member of the couple in addition to addressing the issues affecting the couple’s relationship. By utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), many couples have successfully achieved sobriety with us. CBT includes private, couple and group therapy sessions, counseling, coping tools and relapse prevention. Our medical professionals take a particular interest in families and maintaining healthy and happy family dynamics. Many of us have achieved sobriety ourselves or have close friends or family members who fell victim to the disease, resulting in the formation of a family-like atmosphere. In fact, we don’t consider ourselves just co-workers, we’re a family – the Harmony Family. By filling out our admission form, you and your partner are taking the first step toward a fulfilling life of sobriety! For immediate help, please call us directly at 888-771-8372.