Heroin Addiction Rehab West Virginia

Heroin Addiction Rehab

What Causes Heroin Addiction?

Being addicted to heroin can be extremely painful, both physically and mentally. This type of addiction is known to destroy one’s health, professional standing, and family life within a short timeframe, and possibly cause an individual to lose his or her life. While there is no specific cause behind heroin addiction, there is a multitude of factors that play into its development. So if you or someone you know struggle with addiction, do not hesitate, contact our West Virginia heroin addiction rehab right now and learn how we can help you begin your journey to a life free from addiction.

Consider one’s environment. Being raised in a violent and/or impoverished area, experiencing neglect, abuse, or other trauma, or being around others who abuse substances like heroin can all serve as environmental factors for addiction development. One’s genetics also affect a propensity for heroin addiction, as certain inheritable traits such as impulsivity and novelty-seeking behavior can cause an individual to begin experimenting with heroin.

No matter what caused an individual to start abusing heroin when his or her behaviors are classified as addictive, a tremendous amount of physical, psychological, and emotional side effects can occur. And, when the addiction continues, the more likely an individual is to suffer from more extreme side effects and overdose.

It is important to recognize when an individual is addicted to heroin, as knowing the signs and symptoms of abuse gives you the ability to help someone in need. 

Signs, Symptoms, and Effects of Heroin Addiction

Using heroin causes an individual to feel an immediate sense of pleasure, which is often referred to as a “rush”. During that time, an individual can also feel warm and experience a dry mouth. The rush that is experienced when consuming heroin can be so addictive in itself that individuals use in a constant effort to chase that feeling. To prevent the progression of addiction it is important you seek professional help like the kind offered here at our West Virginia heroin addiction rehab.

After someone has abused heroin and is under the influence, it is typically obvious that he or she is not in a normal state of mind. Someone who is high on heroin can display symptoms such as dilated pupils, watery eyes, flushed skin, runny nose, and an overall sense of being drowsy. He or she might also complain that his or her limbs feel “heavy” or that his or her skin is extremely itchy. When the individual comes down from his or her high, he or she can feel nauseous, drowsy, and confused for a number of hours. These symptoms are often short-term, as are other symptoms including the following:

  • Lethargy
  • Sedation
  • Decrease in physical pain
  • Going in and out of consciousness
  • Respiratory depression
  • Heart arrhythmia
  • Anxiety
  • Problems focusing

Unfortunately, all of the effects that occur when abusing heroin do not just dissipate within a few hours. Most heroin users who are addicted to this substance can experience any number of long-term effects on their wellbeing, including vital organ damage.

It is not uncommon for heroin addicts to experience heart damage and/or disease, liver and/or kidney disease, or issues with the proper functioning of their lungs. Heroin is so potent that these organs are at extreme risk for suffering permanent, irreversible damage. Other symptoms that can occur when heroin is heavily abused include problems with the circulatory system, collapsed veins (due to injecting heroin), memory loss, and the development of mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression.

The symptoms of heroin addiction are not just limited to physical and psychological effects; rather there are a number of consequences that can occur within other areas of a user’s life. If you suspect or see these changes occurring, do not wait, call our West Virginia heroin addiction rehab today.

Being addicted to heroin can change an individual’s behaviors in such a way that he or she becomes so preoccupied with his or her heroin abuse that he or she neglects all other things within his or her life. For example, heroin addiction can cause an individual to miss deadlines at work, behave inappropriately, and begin not showing up on time or at all. It can also cause an individual to ignore his or her responsibilities around his or her house, such as taking out the trash, washing the dishes, or doing laundry. Someone who is addicted to heroin might struggle financially because all of his or her money goes towards buying heroin. This type of addiction can also cause mood swings to occur, leading to increased conflict amongst friends, family, and other loved ones. As a result, relationships can be damaged or lost entirely. And, as with any illicit substance, being addicted to heroin puts an individual at increased risk for experiencing legal problems and potential incarceration.

What To Expect At Our West Virginia Heroin Addiction Rehab

The signs, symptoms, and effects of heroin addiction can be extremely distressing for the addicted individual, as well as for those around him or her. Thankfully, however, there is treatment available that can help stop heroin addiction before it gets worse.

Here at our West Virginia heroin addiction rehab, addiction is treated through a combined approach of medical and therapeutic modalities geared towards restoring one’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. While it depends on the severity of an individual’s heroin addiction, most of those addicted to this substance participate in an inpatient treatment program where they have the opportunity to detox in a professional setting (if medically indicated), as well as continue their care through therapeutic treatments such as individual therapy, group therapy, and behavioral therapy. When an individual completes his or her treatment at our West Virginia heroin addiction rehab, he or she can continue to work on his or her recovery by partaking in local support groups, seeing an individual therapist, and utilizing effective medication to help treat any underlying, co-occurring conditions such as depression or anxiety.

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Treatment at our West Virginia heroin addiction rehab will be custom-tailored to treat your cocaine addiction. Our experienced staff will help you recover the life you once had. At Harmony Ridge’s heroin addiction rehab facility, we will address the underlying causes that made you use cocaine by using a hands-on type of approach (client will be involved in all areas of the program and aftercare program). Our West Virginia heroin addiction rehab center provides the right environment where you will be able to relax and solely focus on your recovery. Do not wait any longer to reach out for help. Make the call that will save your life. Call us right now at 866-728-3982 so you can begin reaching for new tomorrows. We can help you.

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